Leadership Development

We Help Your Organization Achieve Peak Performance

Sumaria Learning Solutions’ Leadership development activities enhance the quality of leadership within an individual or organization.   Our leadership development is focused on developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals ultimately manifesting into  behavioral change.

The success of our leadership development efforts has been linked to three variables:

  • Individual learner characteristics
  • The quality, frequency and duration of the leadership development program
  • Genuine support for behavioral change through senior leadership and organizational interaction and support

Our Leadership Development Programs

We integrate a range of developmental experiences over a set period of time (e.g. 6–12 months). These experiences may include assessments, 360 degree feedback, experiential classroom style programs, business school style coursework, executive coaching, web based learning,  mentoring and more.  We use goal-setting, following an assessment of key developmental needs and then an evaluation of the achievement of goals to maximize success!

Our Leadership Model for Development

Where should companies begin? A few starting points include: 

  • Engaging top executives to develop leadership strategy and actively govern leadership development.
  • Aligning leadership strategies and development with  evolving business goals.
  • Focusing on three aspects of developing leaders – leaders at all levels, global leaders, and a succession mindset.
  • Implementing an effective – and unique – leadership program.



Our Leadership Development Partnerships & Programs

We are proud to work with many Top 20 Leadership Development Partners and Programs around the globe. Please find below a sample listing of our partners and programs:




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