Delivery Methods

Below are the different modalities in which we provide our learning services.

Mobile App & Augmented Reality Our leading-edge mobile technology solutions allow you immediate access to your training content on your tablet or smartphone (IOS or Android). Our app development services use the latest technologies including Augmented Reality, 3D modelling and geotagging to easily bring your content to your audience. Our technology allows you the ability to interact with real-world 3-D objects in your own Augmented Reality. Once the technology recognizes the 3D object, you can simply point and click on any part of the highlighted product. Information on how to use that product feature will then be displayed in a variety of formats. See video demo >   Request this service >

Responsive Design Get your training delivered on any mobile platform with our innovative responsive design solutions.  We offer you the ultimate in training versatility by designing your content so that all images and structure remain the same on any device – from your laptop, to your iPad, to your iPhone & Androids.

E-book Simplify your training with our interactive e-books . Our goal is to make your training as simple and accessible as possible.  Our e-books allow your learning  to be available whenever and wherever you need it.  Don’t just ‘read’ your training--‘experience’ it! We employ innovative technologies utilizing HTML5, JavaScript and XML to enable a learning experience that satisfies all types of learning styles.  See e-book demo >  Request this service >

Virtual Classroom & Lab Training We can provide our classes virtually by a product- and course-certified Sumaria Learning Solutions instructor. Students get access to virtual lab (vLab) technology, enabling them to simulate a hands-on experience. A virtual lab environment provides the ability for instructors to train on whatever software version, type of vendor equipment, or configuration your organization has -- all without having to have the equipment physically on-site. With a virtual lab set up, the class can also be virtual, or can be located anywhere that the students can connect via a network connection! Request this service >

Traditional Instructor-Led Classroom Training This training method is facilitated by a certified Sumaria Instructor at either your work location or an off-site location of your choosing (e.g., hotel conference room)! On-Site training can consist of a combination of lecture, lab training and hands-on exercises to reinforce learned material. On-Site Training at your location allows for direct training on customer-owned or leased equipment. In addition, certain conference room setups allow for hands-on participatory training. Request this service >

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