Sumaria is dedicated to providing the highest quality learning solutions and world-class learning services for your organization. We design, develop and deliver customized learning solutions tailored to address the dynamic needs of any organization. Our industry-recognized framework paired with our unmatched expertise provides unrivalled business results.


Learning Strategy & Analysis

Are you seeking a strategic learning vision for your organization? With our years of expertise in the learning arena, our team can help guide you in developing an effective learning strategy that applies throughout your organization. Our Learning Strategy and Analysis team identifies what your aims and objectives are, how to measure them and how they are connected to the overall vision of your organization. Our extensive expertise allows us to accurately analyze the nuances within your organization in order to provide you with the best learning strategy that places your employees on the quickest path to success.

Instructional Design & Course Development

Our fully integrated Curriculum Design and Development teams have more than 14 years of experience in designing and  developing custom course products that provide results-driven learning experiences. We can leverage a dual-shore capability for optimum efficiencies and cost effectiveness. We consult with you to determine your company business outcomes and provide a learning experience mapped to those outcomes.  Download PDF>  Learn More >

Course Conversion Services

Need an existing course in a different format? We have experience with quick and cost-effective course conversion projects. We can convert your Traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) into Web-Based or Virtual training, or we can convert your Web-Based to Traditional ILT training.  Download PDF>  Learn More >

Certification Program Development

We plan, customize and develop your certifications with you in mind. And our extensive expertise satisfies your certification program needs, saving you time and money.  Download PDF>  Learn More >

Mobile Application Development

We bring you your training on leading-edge mobile technology. With the touch of a finger you get immediate access to your content on your tablet or smartphone (IOS or Android) through multi-touch interfaces. Sumaria can deliver the right model tailored to your desired content requirements. We use the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality, real-world object recognition, 3D modelling, video, text and animation.

Mobile Learning

With the rising adoption of mobile devices in today’s workplace, mobile learning is crucial in staying ahead. With Sumaria Learning, we provide you with customized and convenient mobile learning solutions that fosters engagement and collaboration in today’s ever-changing workplace. Download PDF >

Responsive Design

Our innovative responsive design solutions allow you to access your training content on multiple platforms without compromising the structure, images and format. We construct your courses in html 5 so you can get your training on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, assuring that your course is running properly from any device.

Augmented Reality Technology

We take your content to new levels by allowing you the ability to interact with real-world 3-D objects in your own Augmented Reality. Once the technology recognizes the 3D object, you can simply point and click on any part of the highlighted product. Information on how to use that product feature will then be displayed in a variety of formats. Download PDF> Learn More > See video >  

Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Get your training done by a certified Sumaria Instructor at either our location, your work location or an off-site location of your choosing (e.g., hotel conference room). On-site training can consist of a combination of lecture, lab training and hands-on exercises to reinforce learned material. Training at your location allows you to utilize your own equipment. In addition, certain conference room setups can also allow for hands-on participatory training.

Virtual Classroom & Lab Training

We can provide our classes virtually by a product- and course-certified Sumaria Learning Solutions instructor. Students get access to virtual lab (vLab) technology, enabling them to simulate a hands-on experience. A virtual lab environment provides the ability for instructors to train on whatever software version, type of vendor equipment, or configuration your organization has -- all without having to have the equipment physically on-site. With a virtual
lab set up, the class can also be virtual, or can be located anywhere that the students can connect via a network connection!

Kirkpatrick Method

When measuring the effectiveness of a training program for our customers, we utilize Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation:

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Education

Level 1: Reactions To what degree participants react favorably to the training
Level 2: Learning To what degree participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitudes, confidence and commitment based on their participation in a training event
Level 3: Transfer To what degree participants apply and transfer what they learned during training when they are back on the job
Level 4: Results To what degree targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training event and subsequent reinforcement

ROI Analysis

Our team of experts can analyze the effectiveness of your learning program and how it fits into the overall strategy of your organization.  We work with you to understand your goals and objectives and assess whether the program will pay for itself and how much it will impact your organization.  We conduct ROI analysis by identifying what data methods are best suited to your learning program, and where and how to apply them so that you get as much return as possible. Sumaria’s in-depth ROI expertise also effectively identifies non-monetary benefits to your organization.

Learning Support Technologies

As a learning services provider, we cover all aspects of the learning industry, and that includes providing you with cost- effective LMS solutions. We can give you a learning management support system that provides a place for you to manage, admini strate, and track your learning content, and class registrations.

Program & Project Management

Our certified professionals have in-depth project management experience and expertise to effectively help you plan and execute a successful learning program. Our team can help you map out, plan and manage your projects and programs from start to finish. We tailor our program and project management service offerings to meet your unique needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with executive-level services in a cost-effective manner.

Learning Resource Sourcing

Our extensive expertise in the staffing augmentation arena can alleviate the burden of finding that perfect learning professional that fits the needs of your organization.  We team with you to identify and analyze your requirements and then provide you with the best candidate match that meets your needs. Our experience in staffing allows us to accurately place experts in the learning field – those that have in-depth knowledge of learning development methodologies and are able to provide targeted skills analysis and assessments. In addition, we provide training experts with excellent in-person or virtual delivery skills. Request Resources >






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