Client Site Training

Client Site Training

This course type is an instructor-led course facilitated by a certified Sumaria Instructor at either the client work location or an off-site location of the client’s choosing (e.g., hotel conference room). Depending on location and course format chosen, On-Site Training can consist of a combination of lecture, lab training and hands-on exercises to reinforce learned material.

On-Site Training at the client location allows for direct training on customer-owned or leased equipment. In addition, certain conference room setups can also allow for hands-on participatory training.

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Allows for immersed hands-on learning on client work equipment.
  • Allows the instructor to adapt teaching style based on experience levels of class members.
  • Allows for asking individual questions and one-on-one time with the instructor.
  • Allows instructor to provide reinforcement and additional explanation of labs and hand-on exercises utilizing the client's own equipment.
  • Allows our certified instructors to answer questions related to actual client equipment and applications and how they are utilized in student work environments, which allows for better student application of skills back on the job.
  • Provides for both individual student and group feedback.
  • Provides a controlled environment for hands-on learning using client equipment.
  • Allows the instructor to provide reinforcement and additional explanation of material covered specific to the client's equipment and applications.
  • Saves company travel expenses and allows students to attend training without having to leave their work environments.
  • Is an environmentally friendly training option that saves travel and fuel costs.
  • Saves on course costs as it allows multiple students from one company to attend the same training session.
  • Can be combined with Customized Training options.

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