Our Vendor Relationships

Vendor Relationships

Sumaria Learning Solutions has a successful 15+ year history delivering technical, sales, and certification training across the telecommunications industry in all regions of the globe with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Currently, Sumaria Learning provides training for Avaya and Huawei technical certification programs and for Avaya Sales certifications. By consistently delivering high-quality training with outstanding instructors for over a decade, Sumaria Learning Solutions has earned the trust required by these companies to be designated an Authorized Learning Partner.

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As a leader in global learning solutions and implementation consulting, we deliver training courses and consulting services in many languages and in many locations around the world. Our geographic training and consulting base includes the U.S. and Canada, Europe and the Middle East, Central and Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Languages for course delivery currently include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Hindi.

We have strategic alliances with regional and local technology providers, LMS providers, training partners, and regional translation service partners, which enable our comprehensive services to be offered at competitive global market rates. Having our learning services and consulting staff close to our clients enables us to reduce the business learning curve, to provide measurable productivity quickly, and to allow for consistency and continuity in project operations.

Beginning in 2008, Sumaria was selected to provide global training delivery services for Avaya throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Services include installation, maintenance, administration, and design training for Avaya’s extensive product base in both classroom and virtual training environments.

Regional Management

Sumaria Learning Solutions has considerable experience managing regional instructor delivery operations for clients. We understand the importance of working closely with regional client stakeholders to ensure that learning initiatives are optimized to meet regional goals and objectives. We are experts in managing instructors and maintain the appropriate pool of certified instructors to meet regional demand across the globe. Our management team is experienced in managing regional and global operations and understands the various cultures and customs of each region. Our Project Management staff works closely with our Account Managers to ensure that all training delivery requirements are met on the local, regional, and global levels.

Facility Management

Where appropriate, Sumaria Learning provides a provisioning lead to support new product configurations required in regional and global training centers. The provisioning lead works closely with the client to ensure proper orders are placed for new training center equipment and travel kits. The provisioning lead also provides guidance to instructors who install new equipment in the training centers.

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Sumaria Learning encourages both our management and staff to engage our clients to provide the best possible services at every level of our organization.

In 2012, Sumaria Learning was among the top 72 suppliers to win the Avaya Key Supplier Award for 2012. This level of recognition places us among Avaya’s most valued suppliers out of roughly 7,000 suppliers worldwide. In addition, for this year’s Best Supplier/Partner of the Year Awards, only six (6) out of the 72 Key Suppliers were recognized. Sumaria Learning Solutions is the only Avaya supplier to receive the Best Supplier/Partner Award for two (2) years in a row!

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