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U.S. Training Delivery

Ellie Cervantes,

Senior Delivery Operations Manager - West Coast

1-909-949-1421 (GMT–8) 1-909-908-9411 (GMT–8)

NOTE: For telephone contact, please call during regular business hours in the time zone you are calling. The GMT offsets are for standard time.

International Training Delivery

Valerie Trotter,

CALA Learning Services Project Manager

+52-1-777-523-8802 (GMT-6)

Gopinath P.M.,

APAC Learning Services Project Manager

+91-806-534-8344 (GMT+5:30)

Brian Nugent,

EMEA Learning Services Manager

+44-208-144-6295 (GMT) 

Melanie Underwood,

Intl. Delivery Operations Manager

+1-303-357-3204 (GMT -7) +1 303-350-0812 (GMT -7)

Course Development

Carole Meade,

Learning Services Director

1-303-619-9555 (GMT–7)

Government Services

Mac Foster,

Business Development Director

1-978-739-4200 (GMT–5)

Tools and Technologies

Melanie Underwood

( LMS, uConnect and Virtual Lab Support )

1-303-350-0812 (GMT–7)

LMS Support

For information on our APAC Course offerings and pricing, please contact:

APAC Learning Services,
Gopinath P.M.
+91-804 212 3529,